Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

We must think ahead. The trick is to not let day-to-day operations take away from planning time. Donald Rumsfeld was once mocked for speaking of “known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.” 

On the surface, it does sound crazy. But, what he said was then, and is now, spot-on. All should take heed. In other words, when you think you know it all, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Things are (almost) never like they seem.

Good counsel is to plan your work and work your plan. But, it better be a flexible plan.

People see things differently. Circumstances change. Situations vary. Many things are outside of our control. Concerning both sides of the coin – time will tell, whether you should have kicked or received?
But, as Reverend Mitchem used to say, “I have now eaten enough birthday cakes to know this: take one day at a time and press on.”

The biggest advantage of the Mayor’s chair is that there is no time to worry about yesterday. Trust and obey. I don’t care about looking back until I get to the top of the hill and then, only to see where I have come from. Threats, falsehoods, and feeble attempts at intimidation, for the sake of advantage, often backfire. God has a way of turning things.

In other information:

In last week’s State Journal, the Edray Industrial Park location was ranked as #23 of 65 among state business location listings. This is good news. We know that the location is being advertised. I believe the recent open house showings and the communications that followed are making a difference. This ranking should encourage prospective tenants with presenting business plans to funding sources.

Also, the Pre-bid Meeting for the Water Plant contracts took place March 7, with seven companies present.

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