Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

For those who missed it last week: Halloween Trick or Treat night in Marlinton is set for Tuesday, October 31, from 5 to 7 p.m.

FYI/Water Plant Operations

If you are a user of the Marlinton Water System, you need to know about a recent occurrence.

The mark of any conscientious operator is to observe changes in operational conditions. Sometimes they can be subtle changes and identifying causes for those changes is an important part of the job. Recently, at the water plant, when the typical ph level started going down and CCaO₃ (Calcium Carbonate-hardness) numbers went up, the operators, Jim Mitchem, Larry Simmons and Dave Johnson, started discussing reason(s) why this would happen. One such scenario could be a direct result of increased limestone. The operators discussed the bridge being built upstream near Huntersville.

Mr. Mitchem went to the bridge construction site and observed pure limestone being used. Another water sample was drawn nearby and the results revealed no present evidence of the issue being investigated. So, Mr. Mitchem continued upstream inspections and subsequent water samples. These inspections revealed the lower stream levels from Browns Creek. This change in water levels was allowing more water from the Minnehaha Springs area. Water samples there confirmed the changes seen at the water plant. The answer to the question was identified.

Why is this an issue?

When DEP and/or Bureau for Public Health ask, “why are you using less soda-ash? and/or why the increase chlorine demand?” – a good operator does not want to say; “I don’t know.”

They are expected to provide an answer.

These are some of the daily situations in small town activity. Some citizens could care less and most would never dream of the monitoring that takes place behind the scenes.

All of this – so you can turn on the tap with confidence! 

I thought you should know, the Town has employees in each department who are making a positive difference. Water customers should know you have a great crew at the water plant, who take their work very seriously.

Guarding against Cross-contamination and Backflow Prevention issues are always a work in progress.

Town Cleanup Week

Citizens asking questions about special charges during the Town Cleanup Week. The best explanation is this – 99 percent of the time, there is no extra charge. But, if you call for a special pickup, and you fill the truck you pay extra ($25). If you and one or two neighbors fill the truck ($10-$15) each.

More Stuff

In case anyone asks: on Monday and Tuesday, the Health Department was trapping Asian Tiger Mosquitoes at two separate locations in Town.

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