Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

About Water Shut-offs

The Town of Marlinton never wants to shut off water from its customers.

Over the years, the town office has tried to accommodate families and avoid shut-offs by extending shut-off periods. In that effort, 48-hour shut-off notices would be extended.

Too many households have grown accustomed to their shut-offs being extended.

Time and again, customers expect “extensions to the extensions” until it has become necessary to return to the policy, as described by Public Service Commission Rules.

REMINDER: If it makes it easier for you, you may pay one-half of your total bill every month.

Read your bill

On an over-due water bill, customers are given a 10-day notice, after 20 days.

Now is the time to discuss a payment plan.

Afterward, a 48-hour Shut-off Notice is issued.

Once a 48-hour shut-off is given, there will be no payment plans.

Payment must be made in full.

Please understand – A 48-hour Shut-off Notice is a 48-hour Shut-off Notice

Also, customers should understand that tampering with a water meter is a violation of the law, and you should expect to be prosecuted under the law.

And, for your information: Five water/sewer testing sample(s) from August 14 to September 25, which are required by state regulation, cost the Town of Marlinton, and you, the customer, $850.04

Consider this: These tests must be maintained whether or not you run a drop of water or flush your commode.

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