Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

The only water plant news or comment I have for this week is a reminder that the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council will meet July 25.  A decision from that meeting is expected by August 2.

I am pleased to report new water customers continue to hook on to the Brush Country water system. Gradually, these new customers are taking a previous liability and making the water extension more of an asset. The Town is continuing to make the water loss rate a priority. Also, accounting for any water loss helps adjust loss ratio.

Other items of interest are as follows:

I attended a Broadband Meeting last week in Beckley. It was attended by a representative from Senator Capito’s office and organized by Region I and IV Planning and Development Councils. Broadband in Pocahontas and surrounding counties could be a game changer for our region. Other state agencies were represented in support of these Broadband initiatives. That evening, the town council met in a special meeting that had been posted. The agenda was completed with a first reading of newly amended property ordinance.

In this week’s paper, you will see a notice that the town is accepting applications for the position of town judge, due to the recent resignation of the former town judge.

Also, I was told by DOH engineers in Elkins that the status of the Third Avenue drainage project and Fourth Avenue paving would be explained by the end of this week. Both projects are long overdue, and I hope for this fall, even more than last fall.

Watch for the Notice to accept bids for paving Mountain View Cemetery roads.

I plan to attend a forestry meeting Monday morning and hear ideas at a noon time meeting about possible design concepts for Opera House lot. 

Other local topics:

If you have grass, please mow it or your neighbors call me. Also, if the grass is blown out into the street and left there, they still call me. If you have junk and clutter, clean it up or your neighbor calls me. If you have unlicensed vehicles parked in your yard, prepare to have it moved, before your neighbor calls me again.

If you are doing business in town, you are required to obtain a town license and should be paying quarterly Business and Occupation tax to the town. If you intend to put up a sign, build a new structure or an addition, check with the town for necessary permits or requirements.

In closing, on Friday, I received the county’s Amended Dog Ordinance which will allow county officers to respond to dog violations within the town limits. If you have pets, know there are limits and take care of them.

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