Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

My last recorded fog in February was on the 20th. An old farmer’s observation equates the same day to a frost in May. Since we had frost on Monday morning, I hope this is close enough to the 20th to count as our last frost.

I guess time will tell.

Monday and Tuesday schedules are both full of meetings that may be reported on at a later time. Some items of interest remain too premature to report, at this time.

The First Avenue lot will be ready Saturday morning, May 13, for the beginning of farmers market season in Marlinton.

The most important item to remind you of this week is Mother’s Day.

Many of you will remember this will be my first Mother’s Day without my mom. It makes me want to remind you, that if you still have your mom, at least give her a call. Better yet, give her a visit and a big hug. If she has already gone on, think of her and thank God for her love for you.

Only a Mother’s Love can be likened to God’s Love.

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