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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Plans are progressing for the town’s 2017 Spring Cleaning.

The town’s Haul-Away period will be extended an extra week.

This special cleanup will begin Saturday, April 8, with the Free Tire Collection Day at the Pocahontas County Landfill. The landfill will accept tires from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. This service is sponsored by the DEP’s REAP program.

If you are a town resident and have tires to dispose of, you may bring them to the town garage lot on Fourth Avenue. We will load the tires Friday morning, April 7.

If you can haul them yourself, you will be allowed up to 10 tires per each valid West Virginia driver’s license.

Tires on rims will be accepted.

Other hauling of trash and debris will continue from April 10 through April 22 and this service is for your benefit. Please remember – we cannot run the truck to the landfill just for you.  If you, as a town resident, believe you have an extraordinary amount of debris or if you have larger items that may require special handling, give us a call first, at 304-799-4315. We will come and inspect what you have.

Note: We cannot dispose of batteries, motor oil, any kind of hazardous materials, or large metal objects, but may direct you to someone who can.
Other items of interests

Help pass the word – No overnight, over weekend or unattended parking allowed at the First Avenue Mini-Park. Signs to that effect will soon be installed.

Having been in the trucking business for many years, I am sensitive to the parking problems of large CMVs. But, I must (also) be aware of other issues at that location.

#1. In the event of an emergency, the emergency access road to the river must be accessible.

#2. Routine and unpublished activities at the mini-park require parking for those attending.

#3. Appalachian Sport customers depend on that area for river access, loading and unloading.

#4. That entire area will be full of activity for the Annual Great Greenbrier River Race April 29.

#5. That same area fills with Farmers Market activities beginning in early May.

Town employees attended a Monday morning Safety Meeting. It was re-affirmed that we all have a job to do. But we must remember our A, B, Cs – Always Be Careful.

Safety must be the first consideration in getting the job done. This time offers employees an opportunity to vent and gives administration an opportunity to say “thank you” for work that is being done. We are expecting a busy summer. Communicating individual needs between departments helps each complete their many tasks. It is also a time to consider points that make work move smoother.  Communication is key to all we do. The Mayor is the first to admit that it is sometimes easy to get too busy and miss the obvious. 

Coming off Price Hill last week, you may have observed activity at the lagoons. Clearing of trees and vegetation around lagoon embankments and inside of fenced area has begun. That work will continue outside the fenced area off and on until completion. Removing the trees helps with the natural treatment process. Elimination of shaded spots allows for sunlight and wind to do their part of treatment.  Also, the third aerator has been offline again due to an issue with the electrical service there. It remains in the process of being repaired.

The mapping of the towns sewer system is about 75-to-80 percent complete. The end result will be converting the data to a useable format. At this point, I have no idea how long that will take. But, I do know this will provide good and valuable information when the process is complete.

Town Trivia – The settlement that began as Marlins Bottom and thereafter, became Marlinton, continued 151 years as such. Then, Uriah Bird and 36 other city fathers, having complied with all West Virginia code, filed a certificate of incorporation April the 4th, 1900. J. H. Patterson, Clerk of Pocahontas County, certified the foregoing transcript, given under his hand and the official seal was given the 10th day of April 1900. Thus we begin, the 117th year of the history of our incorporated community.

Have a good week.

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