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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

If you have been following the news from the Town of Marlinton, you should know the Town recently hired Dunn Engineers Inc. to evaluate the entire sewer collection system and treatment facility. The first order of business is to answer the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Consent Order, with a required Plan-of-Corrective-Action (POCA), as required.

The goal of the POCA is to satisfy the DEP and achieve compliance with the West Virginia National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit terms and conditions. Correcting sewer system deficiencies with a systematic plan, addressed over a period of time. Activities will begin with short term goals over 0-to-3 months. Intermediate term goals during the next 4-to-6 months and longer-term goals will cover 7 months-to-2 years and beyond. 

Hiring the consulting engineer was a part of the short-term goals and that has been completed. 

To assist with developing and implementing these measures, the Town went through an extensive interviewing process before hiring Dunn Engineers, Inc. DE will inspect and review the Town’s existing collection and treatment facilities.

Other short-term compliance measures will include: Cleaning and daily inspection of combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharge and screen basket, and pumping and cleaning the chlorine contact tank. 

An electrical upgrade and repair of the third aerator in the aerated lagoon has already been completed. Short term compliance includes system evaluation and a review of operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures. Further development of a plan to deal with water plant sludge removal and disposal will complete the short term goals.  

Intermediate Term Measures will include: Submission of a Preliminary Engineering Report and funding applications for upgrading pumping stations, CSO and the sewage treatment plant. Also, included is funding application for I/I study, flow monitoring and closed circuit TV pipeline inspection. 

Long Term goals will be addressed at a later time.

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