Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Last week, Gov. Jim Justice addressed artists from across the state at the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History’s Fourth Annual Arts in Our Communities Conference, in Charleston.

During his remarks, the governor emphasized his commitment to arts programs in West Virginia and highlighted their economic impact.

“Artists are the engines driving all kinds of good things for our state,” Justice said.

“Every dollar put into the arts returns $23 back to the State,” Gov. Justice said.

In his opinion, the state needs to continue to increase funding. While growing the economy, the arts can continue telling the story of who we are.

Justice said the arts enhance every aspect of life – enriching our civic life, enhancing tourism and exerting a profound positive influence on the education of our children.

To follow up on that thought, I was pleased to hear about plans from our own Artisan’s Co-op.

Their idea is to hold a regular “First-Friday” outdoor event, and the proposal was added to Monday evening’s Town Council agenda. The proposal is to use the grassy area along Fourth Avenue in Marlinton.

The property owners there will have to provide the final endorsement, but this is the type of activity that brings new visitors to town and gives other folks a reason to visit.

I anticipate the full support of council and look forward to this monthly event moving from an idea to a reality.
We don’t know until we try.

Watch and listen for more specifics in the coming weeks.


By now, the Town of Marlinton’s Brush Country water extension project has saved property owners tens of thousands of dollars in fire insurance premiums.

Also, current residents and potential (new) residential water customers in the areas of Airport Hill, Brownsburg, the Brush Country and Central Union should know that municipal water is probably more affordable than you think. Currently, a residential bi-monthly bill, based on a minimum of 4,000 gallons, is only $78.60 total.

This amounts to $39.30 per month. Billings cover 58-61 days, on average.

So, when we can send water to the end of your faucet for less than $10 per week, why haul water?

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