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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

A couple of years ago, both of our fireworks companies (because of transportation issues) and our local fireworks technician (because of new certification requirements), chose to no longer continue Fourth of July Fireworks for the Town of Marlinton. At that time, we were forced to find alternatives. 

With the recommendation of a local resort, we were able to hire a new company and have been very pleased with their fireworks displays the last two years. 

It’s now time to sign contracts for the 2020 Fourth of July Fireworks. The cost of the show raises a little each year. Last year, mostly due to the newer regulations requiring a second certified handler on site, the cost of the show was nearly $5,000. 

This year, on January 6, I returned a signed contract for $5,500.  Then, on January 7, I received an email that read: 

“Because this year July 4th falls on a Saturday and due to high demand, we have to institute a minimum of $10,000 for our Display Shows on that date.  

“Thank you for sending back your contract for a Saturday July 4th Fireworks Display.  Could you go with a different day? Please let me know if you want further information.”

With that said, the Town has three options;

1. If we can raise an extra $5,000 from local businesses and/or citizens, we can have fireworks on the 4th of July, as it should be, OR

2. We can choose an alternate date, such as July 3 or 11, which is the Saturday of Pioneer Days, OR

3. Have no fireworks this year.

Anyone who would like to PLEDGE financial support can do so by contacting the Town office by phone, email or in person. 

To ensure holding our date, I will need to respond to the fireworks company as soon as possible.

Please, NO DONATIONS NOW, just pledges of support if we want to ensure fireworks on the Fourth of July. 

In the words of Shakespeare, “To Be or Not to Be,” really is the question!

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