Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

The Town of Marlinton is blessed to have a nice Municipal Building. However, the building was designed for air-conditioning. Without A/C, as anyone who has used the auditorium during the summer months knows, it can be unbearable in hot weather. The Town Council voted earlier this year to install a new air conditioning unit for the auditorium, and that work is in progress.

Since then, Southern Elevator completed a routine service inspection of the Municipal Building’s elevator and found the following issues that need prompt attention:

The piston packing seals are deteriorating and leaking hydraulic oil into the sump in the pit floor. The elevator packing seals need to be replaced before the elevator fails, automatically shuts down and/or damages other vital equipment, such as the pump motor.

The elevator was left in service with leaking hydraulic oil, pending these necessary repairs. Our elevator inspection company is required to inform us of any and all repairs pertaining to the safe function of the elevator.

Southern Elevator Company, Inc. will provide the necessary labor and material to perform the following scope of work on the elevator: 

The process begins with lowering the elevator car onto pipe stands and disconnecting the piston from the car in order to put in new packing, specifically designed for the pistons. The cost will be $5,978.29.

This price is firm, but is subject to change if not accepted within sixty (60) days.

This is just another one of those items that must be taken care of at a time when a change in the weather brings an increase in other costs – heat, winter tires, snow removal, just to name a few.

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