Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

This week’s Mayor’ Corner will consist mainly of a brief report of activities during the month of October.

A few highlights: the colder weather is closing in on work at Discovery Junction as well as the completion of improvements at the water plant. Obstacles to overcome at the water plant seem to increase as the temperature drops.

DOH District Office communications have included a request for Bus Loading-Unloading signs at the Marlinton Elementary School. Center lane stripes in the curve at the new cemetery hill water tanks are not possible due to a widening of the intersection at Sherrard Street.

A representative from Congresswoman Carol Miller’s office visited the town office. We discussed concerns about the timber industry, with regard to US/China tariffs and the impact it is having on business – locally and nationwide. Stream restoration and removal of excessive sedimentation was another topic of concern. More correspondence will have to take place.

Sam Dunn has tested and complied with all rules and regulations to become certified as a Class I Wastewater Plant Operator.
The Town took possession of a 2020 KW Trash Truck and Pak-Mor Compactor October 15. It was put into operation November 1. Marking will have to take place as soon as possible. Since everything that can go wrong will go wrong – the rear-door seal on the new packer was leaking before it was fully loaded the first time. A company representative was present for the first part of the route on Friday to witness the problem. If necessary, the seal will be replaced.

The MTA public transportation is in progress. The Marlinton Loop is in service twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. MTA bus transport will include the Snowshoe Run beginning December 1. Other days and trips may be added later.

The Equestrian Arena on county property near the ARC building is nearing completion.

I attended the October meeting of the Pocahontas County Senior Citizens Board, but was unable to make the quarter-auction on Saturday because of issues that day at the intake and water-plant. Communications with the project engineer continued into the evening.

I also attended two Region 4 meetings in October.

The search for a consultant for the wastewater improvement project is in progress. Six engineering firms made site visits and toured the wastewater collection and treatment system. As of the November 1 deadline, the Town had received 10 proposals for engineering services. The select committee will pre-screen the proposals and make recommendations to the full council before making a decision.     

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