Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

NOTICE: Absolutely no burials at Mountain View Cemetery without prior approval and payment to the Municipal Office of the Town of Marlinton. This is something else I would never have thought I would have to say nor have a need to provide an explanation.

NOTICE: Anyone concerned about monthly water bills can simply begin to pay half of their water bill on a monthly basis. We have tried to educate the public on this before and will do so again. Some people complain about our utility rates. Everyone at last month’s Town Council meeting heard that, overall, utility rates in the Town of Marlinton are less than half the cost in other West Virginia municipalities. 

Monthly billings are not nearly the problem that water theft has become. 

NOTICE: The many water theft scenarios never cease to amaze me. Rental Units and Water Fraud can bring families together again. We recently had another case where two parents, a son and daughter-in- law, plus an ex-family member came together, so that, first one and then the other, could have the water turned off for non-payment of services, only for a different person in the household to pay a service fee and have the water turned on again.

In these situations, a $1,200-to-$1,500 bill can run up at the same location, before realizing the scam is in progress. Having said that, there are many reasons for rental registration.  

UPDATE: The conditions at the lagoons are the worst that I’ve seen. But a lack of sufficient aeration is only part of the problem. High nutrient loading, plus stagnancy (possibly due to recent drought-like conditions) are other culprits, adding to the blue-green covering.

Marlinton is not alone. An aging treatment system is exactly the situation that caused the City of Parsons to upgrade its wastewater lagoon aeration system after 2008. Parsons added a fine bubble element Aeration System that increased wastewater treatment, while also decreasing overall energy costs by approximately 60 percent.

There is new technology that gives me hope for the proposed evaluation.  

Much of this entry was found posted in Ammonia Treatment and Lagoon Phosphorus Removal, of municipal wastewater.

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