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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

You have probably heard, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”

The issue that stopped the sidewalk work at the corner at Marlinton Presbyterian Church on July 25 continued to stop progress all through last week. According to the contractor, a huge concrete pour at the Bluestone Dam had maxed out all local capacities to fulfill. Therefore, all smaller orders were denied and the Marlinton Sidewalk Project was unable to do any work for a full week. In the shortest of terms, the Corps of Engineers trumps Marlinton Sidewalk Project. There was no need to tear up more sidewalk until concrete was available again.

Regardless of our best intentions, things happen that are beyond our control. Thankfully, work has started again this week.

Would you like to increase your net worth by $10,000 in a year?

Decide to do that little extra work to clean up your property. Maybe, encourage a friend to do the same. Help each other.
People used to do that you know.

If every block had a team leader, what could we do?

The Town of Marlinton will assist in loading your heavy items and you become the beneficiary. Invest in a few gallons of paint and add thousands of dollars to the value of your property.

For example, a property on 10th Avenue and the Sheets’ residence on Second Avenue.

These families have added value to their property, their neighbor’s property and indeed their entire neighborhood.

All of our neighborhoods should be so fortunate.

Remember, the longest journey begins with a single step. Think about that.

More good news for Marlinton water customers: The work at the water plant is now 60 percent complete.

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