Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

I had previously stated that May 14 would be the start date for the Marlinton Water Department and Marlinton Fire Department to begin annual inspections of fire hydrants. But, things happen.

The new start date is Tuesday, May 28.

The completion date of early July remains the same.

Four main reasons to inspect a hydrant

1.To verify the safety of the hydrant – an inspection begins with observing the orientation of the hydrant. Common safety issues include hydrants with leaks as well as hydrants with missing parts or parts in need of repair/replacement, rusted flange bolts, broken stem, flange couplings damaged from vehicle impacts and loose nozzles in need of re-caulking.

2. To assure firefighting capability – perform a pressure and flow test of each fire hydrant in the system. Flow testing of each fire hydrant determines issues which may interfere with the firefighting capabilities. Such issues include seized operating nuts, seized hose and pumper caps, low flow due to partially closed valves, hydrants in severe need of grease and/or oil and fire hydrant accessibility.

3. To test the distribution of a system – All fire hydrants must be flow tested. This will provide pressures and flow data in all areas of our system. Areas with significantly lower flow may hint at partially closed valves. The only way to verify that the system is functioning at its full potential is to flow test each fire hydrant!

4. Flushing the mains – removes sediment, debris and restores disinfectant residuals.

PLEASE NOTE – This process stirs water in the system and can cause discoloration for some hours afterward.

The Town will report results to residents as we progress with testing.

Remember – the only way to verify the system is functioning at its full potential is to flow test each fire hydrant.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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