Class of 2019’s path paved with awards, scholarships

The Marlinton Woman’s Club and Seneca Woodlands Woman’s Club collaborate to provide a scholarship for one female student graduating from Pocahontas County High School. This year’s recipient was Josey Faris, center. Two finalists, Emalee Arbogast, left, and Lindsay Browning, right, were also recognized for their efforts. S. Stewart photos

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

The Pocahontas County High School Class of 2019 filed into the gymnasium last Thursday evening to receive honors at the annual Senior Awards Night event.

Local donors, state colleges and universities presented awards and scholarships to students who will seek a higher education after graduation. Students were also recognized for achievements made during the school year.

Class valedictorian Taylor Tegtmeyer received the PCHS and Citizens Bank of West Virginia award in the amount of $500.

Co-salutatorians Mathias Solliday and Logan Woodruff received the W.E. “Tweard” Blackhurst Award, presented by Blackhurst’s descendent and former PCHS English teacher and coach Robert Sheets.

Principal Joe Riley and guidance counselor Linda Beverage presented the Honor Graduates with medals which they will wear at graduation.

Honor Graduates are: Taylor Tegtmeyer, Mathias Solliday, Logan Woodruff, Brianna Morgan, Jacob Jones, Jarod Liptrap, Colton Massey, Ben Davis, Faith Johnson, Josey Faris, Brandon Puffenbarger, Savannah Beverage, Noah Barkley, Cody Kiner and Gabriella Hoke.

Rick Wooddell, representing the Greenbrier Valley Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, presented the Outstanding Citizenship Award to Justin Jackson.

The Orr Lee McMann award is presented in memory of McMann, a beloved agriculture education teacher at Marlinton High School and PCHS. It is awarded to students seeking a higher education in a Career and Technical field. Receiving the award this year was J.D. Sharp and Jocelyn Sharp.

Taylor Tegtmeyer received an award from the National Merit Scholarship Program, which recognizes students who have demonstrated high potential for future academic accomplishment through distinguished performance.

The Green Bank Observatory’s 2019 Outstanding Science Student Awards went to Brianna Morgan and Taylor Tegtmeyer.

Spanish teacher Shirlene Groseclose presented awards to Jarod Liptrap and Savannah Beverage, who were both inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society.

The following students were recognized for their efforts in participating in SkillsUSA competitions during their high school careers.

Carpentry – Braeden Hicks, third place in plumbing in 2016, first place in Teamworks in 2017 and second place in Teamworks in 2018; Trey Miller, masonry competitor in 2016, first place in Teamworks in 2017 and second place in Teamworks in 2018; and Cody Rider, masonry competitor in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Welding – Jimmy Friel, welding fabrication team competitor in 2016, 2017 and 2018; and Kolton Workman, individual welding competitor in 2018 and welding fabrication team competitor in 2019.

Students who take at least three years in a Career and Technical Education [CTE] field become completers in that area of study. The following seniors were recognized as completers.

Carpentry – Nathaniel Cottle, Braeden Hicks, Trey Miller, Morgan Morrison, Brandon Puffenbarger and Cody Rider.

Information Management – Trevor Hammons, Cody Kiner, Blake Kershner, Bryce Underwood, Olivia Doss, J.D. Sharp and Brett Moats.

Coding, Gaming and App Design – J.D. Sharp and Trevor Hammons.

Welding – Blake Kershner, Wade McCarty, Kolton Workman and Jimmy Friel.

Forestry – Nathaniel Cottle, Justin Jackson, Morgan Morrison, Kamron Shearer and Kyle Cohenour.

Agriculture – Noah Barkley, Arianya Cagle, Aliza Carr, Bridget Carroll, Ben Davis, Chrissa Grimes, Wyatt McComb, Harley Nelson, Irish Simmons, Takala Tincher and Kolton Workman.

ProStart Restaurant Management – Sydnee Butcher, Ida Bibb, Isabella Dean, Brianna Hefner, Lydia Tallman and Jocelyn Sharp.

The CTE program, along with the efforts of the West Virginia Department of Education and the Simulated Workplace Drug Free Employee Initiative recognizes students as drug-free for voluntarily passing two Simulated Workplace random drug tests conducted at PCHS. This year, nine students earn this certification – Trevor Hammons, Noah Barkley, Brett Moats, Irish Simmons, J.D. Sharp, Brandon Puffenbarger, Wyatt McComb, Wade McCarty and Cody Kiner.

CTE completers work with the WIN Career Readiness program. Completers are assessed in the areas of applied math, reading, information and locating information. Students are awarded either bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificates for their accomplishments.

Receiving silver certificates: Ben Davis, Wyatt McComb, Brianna Neilsen and Harlie Nelson.

CTE students take the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute [NOCTI] test in their field of study. Students who score above national standards on the NOCTI receive a Workforce Competency Credential. They are:

Forest Products and Processing – Nathaniel Cottle, Justin Jackson, Morgan Morrison and Kamron Shearer.

Workplace Readiness – Brett Moats and Cody Kiner.

Production of Agriculture – Noah Barkley and Aliza Carr.

Students who scored 70 percent or higher on the NOCTI test also earned a College Credit Recommendation Certification which gives them the opportunity to transfer three hours of college credit to the college they attend.

Earning the credit:

Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Management, Food Service or Restaurant Management – Isabella Dean, Sydnee Butcher and Brianna Hefner.

The Christine Glaab Memorial Award is presented to three Career and Technical Education [CTE] completers seeking a higher education in a CTE field. Recipients this year, from left: Noah Barkley, Mathias Solliday and Logan Woodruff.

Through the WV EDGE program, New River Community and Technical College offers the opportunity for free college credits to students after completing in a CTE program at PCHS. Students earning credits are: Noah Barkley, Aliza Carr, Bridget Carroll, Irish Simmons, Kolton Workman, Ida Bibb, Trevor Hammons, J.D. Sharp, Nathaniel Cottle, Justin Jackson, Morgan Morrison, Kamron Shearer, Olivia Doss, Blake Kershner, Cody Kiner,  Brett Moats, Bryce Underwood, Michael Morrison, Garret Sharp, Sydnee Butcher, Isabella Dean, Brianna Hefner, Wade McCarty, Chrissa Grimes, Wyatt McComb, Ben Davis, Braeden Hicks, Trey Miller, Brandon Puffenbarger, Cody Rider, Kyle Cohenour, Brianna Neilsen, Jocelyn Sharp and Lydia Tallman.

The PCHS Warrior Horizon Award, sponsored by the guidance office, is presented to students who demonstrate hard work, determination and perseverance during their time at PCHS. This year’s recipient is Wyatt McComb.

The Promise Scholarship is presented to students who plan to attend college in West Virginia and earned a 3.0 GPA, a composite score of 22 on the ACT and a 20 in each of the sub-scores. This year’s recipients are: Sydnee Butcher, Josey Faris, Jacob Jones, Jarod Liptrap, Colton Massey, Brianna Morgan, Garret Sharp, Mathias Solliday, Taylor Tegtmeyer, Logan Woodruff and Ben Davis.

The Virgil and Macel Harris Scholarship is presented by the Durbin Lions Club in memory of Mr. Harris, who served as principal at Green Bank High School for 25 years and his wife, Macel, who taught in Pocahontas County. Receiving the scholarship this year is Mathias Solliday.

The Christine Glaab Memorial Award was founded by John Glabb in memory of his wife who was a law librarian and supporter of education. The award is presented to three seniors seeking a higher education in a CTE field. This year’s recipients are Logan Woodruff, Noah Barkley and Mathias Solliday.

The Davis Medical Center Volunteer Services Scholarship was presented to Jarod Liptrap.

Ben Davis and Noah Barkley received the West Virginia Farm Bureau Scholarship.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation presented the Leopold and Elizabeth Marmet Scholarship to Jacob Jones.

Mathias Solliday received the EQT Foundation and The State Journal scholarship.

Receiving scholarships from the Davis & Elkins College Upward Bound Program: Emalee Arbogast, Lindsay Browning, Cheyenna Campbell, Isabella Dean, Courtney Dunbrack, Josey Faris, Jarod Liptrap and Taylor Tegtmeyer.

Glenville State University presented scholarships to Sydnee Butcher, Cody Kiner, Brianna Neilson and Hunter Shafer.

Marlee McLaughlin and Wade McCarty received scholarships from New River Community and Technical College.

Receiving scholarships from West Virginia University: Jarod Liptrap, Mathias Solliday, Logan Woodruff, Colton Massey and Brianna Hefner.

Davis & Elkins College presented scholarships to Brianna Morgan and Trevor Hammons.

Staff Sergeant Jesse E. Rogers of the United States Army recognized Garret Sharp, Jordan Nutter, Nathaniel Cottle and Justin Jackson, all of whom will join the Army after graduation.

The Loren Buzzard Scholarship was presented to Jarod Liptrap.

Receiving the Dr. Charles Glen Shinaberry Scholarship and Dr. Mary Tibitha Moore Shinaberry Public Trust Scholarship were Taylor Tegtmeyer, Mathias Solliday, Jacob Jones, Logan Woodruff, Josey Faris, Jarod Liptrap, Emalee Arbogast, Brianna Morgan, Ben Davis, Noah Barkley, Colton Massey, Brianna Hefner and Lindsay Browning.

The H.A. Yeager Memorial Scholarship – given in memory of the longtime principal of Marlinton High School – was presented to Emalee Arbogast and Sydnee Butcher.

Seneca Woodland’s Woman’s Club and Marlinton Woman’s Club collaborate to present a scholarship to a young woman pursuing a four-year degree. Receiving the scholarship is Josey Faris. Finalists Emalee Arbogast and Lindsay Browning were also recognized.

The Marlinton Woman’s Club also presented the West Virginia Woman’s Club scholarship. This year’s recipient is Brianna Morgan.

Sam Gibson presented the Warriors Helping Warriors Scholarship, which he founded, to Josey Faris.

The Raymond and Eva Shrader Scholarship was presented to Brianna Neilsen.

The Snowshoe Foundation presented scholarships to Jarod Liptrap, Taylor Tegtmeyer, Josey Faris and Logan Woodruff.

The Tucker Community Endowment Scholarship Fund awards a scholarship in memory of Dr. Joseph Stefl, a physician’s assistant who worked in Pocahontas, Randolph and Tucker counties. This year’s recipient is Logan Woodruff.

The Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau Scholarship, which is given with a match from the Snowshoe Foundation, was presented to Noah Barkley.

Emalee Arbogast received the Alice Rowan Waugh Memorial Scholarship.

The Emma S. Beard Memorial Scholarship is presented to students pursuing degrees in a technical field. This year’s recipients are: Brianna Neilsen, Lynsey Paulowski, Irish Simmons, Harlie Nelson, Courtney Dunbrack, Arianya Cagle, Trevor Hammons, Kayla Sharp, J.D. Sharp, Hannah Carper, Elijah Robertson, Cody Kiner, Hunter Shafer, Blake Kershner, Kolton Workman, Wade McCarty, Savannah Beverage, Isabella Dean, Peyton Coleman and Cody Rider.

The Pendleton Community Bank Business, Accounting and Finance Scholarship was presented to Trevor Hammons.

Jarod Liptrap received the Ora Belle Thompson Sharp Scholarship.

The Clark/Lambert Scholarship was established by the Pocahontas County High School Class of 2014 in memory of classmates Joshua Clark and Lyndsee Gay Lambert. The first ever recipient of the scholarship was Brianna Hefner, center, pictured with scholarship founders Alex Kinnison, left, and Dayla Lambert Harper. S. Stewart photo

The Clark/Lambert Scholarship, presented by the PCHS Class of 2014 in memory of classmates Joshua Clark and Lyndsee Gay Lambert, was presented to Brianna Hefner.

The Dr. Roland P. Sharp Scholarship was presented to Emalee Arbogast, Noah Barkley, Brianna Hefner, Brianna Morgan and Marlee McLaughlin.

Receiving the Helen and Clark Brumagin Memorial Scholarship: Logan Woodruff and Josey Faris.

The Gay and Becky Shinaberry Scholarship was presented to Brianna Morgan.

The Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation scholarship was presented to Lindsay Browning, Gabriella Hoke, Mathias Solliday, Taylor Tegtmeyer and Logan Woodruff.

Members of the National Honor Society were recognized for their efforts to excel in areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Senior members are: Emalee Arbogast, Noah Barkley, Savannah Beverage, Lindsay Browning, Arianya Cagle, Kyle Cohenour, Ben Davis, Josey Faris, Brianna Hefner, Gabriella Hoke, Faith Johnson, Jacob Jones, Cody Kiner, Jarod Liptrap, Colton Massey, Brianna Morgan, Elijah Robertson, Mathias Solliday and Logan Woodruff.

Junior members are: Kira Bircher, Colleen Buzzard, Daphanie Duelley, Charity Morrison, Sage McLaughlin, Kelly Pyne, Amelia Rose, Alexa Taylor and Charity Warder.

To close the event, the National Honor Society inducted its 2019-2020 officers – president, Daphne Duelley; vice president, Amelia Rose; secretary, Kira Bircher; and treasurer, Sage McLaughlin.

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