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“WEST VIRGINIA’S NEW Deal” exhibit is now on display at McClintic Library. Photographs, murals, writings and architecture tell the story of hard times in the 1930s.

“West Virginia’s New Deal” exhibit at McClintic Library

A 12-panel exhibit presenting three aspects of the New Deal programs in West Virginia during the hard times of the 1930s is currently on display at the McClintic Library in Marlinton.

Using photographs, murals, writings and architecture to tell the story, the exhibit connects the New Deal in West Virginia to broader themes of our history and experience.

The topics are “Building for Renewal,” “Tools for Recovery” and “Logging and Forestry.”

The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Homestead communities are featured aspects of the exhibit, which is presented by the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area, the Beverly Heritage Center, and the Randolph County Museum with financial assistance from the West Virginia Humanities Council. It is a part of the Traveling 219 project, which promotes understanding of the life and history of the five West Virginia counties along US 219.

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