Library Lines

Have you ever want-ed to learn how to crochet?
If you know how, have you ever thought it would be fun to meet with a group of like-minded people to share tips, tricks and ideas?
Well, I have good news for you. Carroll Barlow is ready to start up her crochet group again at the McClintic Public Library.
Carroll is organizing a planning meeting for interested folks Thursday, September 17, at McClintic Library from 10:15 to 11:45 a.m. This is for anyone who is interested in learning or working in a group. Carroll would like to have the group meet once a month, on the third Thursday. So plan to stop by to see what’s being planned for the upcoming fall/winter season.
It would be a good time to check out McClintic’s collection of handicraft books. We have titles that deal with crochet, knitting, tatting, quilting and much more. If you’ve ever thought about making something involving stitching, McClintic has a book on the topic.
We have a large, varied collection thanks to the Cranberry Piecemakers – a group of ladies with a passion for quilting and a knack for sharing their resources with the library. Thanks to this group, we have been able to purchase and build up a wonderful collection of materials.
Having said that, I’ve spent the last week going through McClintic’s non-fiction section and culling out books that haven’t seen much recent use. These books are put into our book sale; the most popular topics are various crafts, cook books and history books. So stop by and browse the sale; you may find the perfect book! All we ask is a donation, and that you give our old friend a happy, new home.
As you browse our shelves, please let me know if you see any holes in our collection. Is there a topic that grabs your interest, but is not represented in our collection? I’m always happy to take purchasing suggestions, and I always try to purchase requested materials as much as my budget will allow.
Next time you visit McClintic, take a moment to check out the quilt frame we have set up in the main room. We will soon offer folks the chance to sit a spell and work on quilts for a good cause. Ask Carroll for more information when you see her next week.

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