Library Lines

The Libraries have been busy, and we are celebrating World Folklore and Fables Week in March with cryptid programming.

Last meeting at the Creative Writing Club, we worked together to create our own cryptids. If you would like to make one, see the questions below or visit your local library to pick up a cryptid worksheet.

Once you’ve made a cryptid or picked out a costume, you may join us Thursday, April 1, at 6 p.m. for a Virtual Cryptid Costume Dance party. Dress up as your cryptid, or in any costume you like, and join us for some fun, music and dancing. For Zoom information for any clubs or events, email or call 304-799-6000.

What is a cryptid?

A cryptid is an animal or human-like creature reported to have been seen, but not confirmed by biologists. Cryptids are studied by a group of pseudoscientists called cryptozoologists. You might know of some cryptids that are more human, such as the Mothman, while others can be more animal-like, such as Chupacabra or the Loch Ness monster. 

Most cryptids have some kind of evidence to support their story, like grainy photos and videos or reported sightings. However, many times, this evidence doesn’t hold up under scientific examination. Despite being dismissed as untrue, this supporting evidence lends itself to the idea that these cryptids may really exist. 

Unfortunately, no one knows for sure. Cryptids are important because they can be part of the culture and folklore of a place. Think about how important the story of Mothman is to Point Pleasant. Let’s make up our own cryptid!

In what kind of environment does your cryptid like to live? Does it live in the woods? In a swamp? Does it live around people, or does it hide itself away? Where in the world is it located? Bonus points if it’s a place in Pocahontas County.

What does your cryptid look like? How many legs or arms does it have? Does it have any special features to help it thrive in its environment? For example, a cryptid that lives in a swamp might have gills or scales.

Does it like to scare people? When was it first spotted? What was that spotting like? Was it scary for the people who saw it? Was it comforting? What is your cryptid called?

What are your cryptid’s motivations? Does it have a special reason for showing up? Is your cryptid an omen? Is it just trying to cause chaos?

Does your cryptid have any special traits or quirks? Any weird habits? What does it eat?

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