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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

My job transferred me from my home state of Missouri in 1982, and I fell in love with West Virginia.

In 1991, I bought a cabin in Glady, where I have retired to enjoy Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

This past weekend, I attended Durbin Days for the first time and had a “wonderful West Virginia” time.

On arriving, I was assisted in finding parking by a city council member, who saw my efforts and pulled out of his parking space near the mayor’s office, so I could have his spot. Thank you, again, sir.

While driving through town, I looked for food vendors. I saw an area with tents, tables and many customers, so I supposed they must have a sizable menu of good food. On entering, I saw the great selection and inquired how to pay – by item, by plate, and how much?

I was directed to a person in charge – Marcella Rexrode – who cheerfully and graciously told me it was a private party, but to please go ahead and fill a plate, with no charge for anything – just enjoy.

She insisted that I stay, eat whatever I wanted and absolutely refused to let me pay. It seems she prepares a large buffet for her husband’s extended family each Durbin Days.

The food was delicious, the fellowship great and the spirit of generosity beautiful.

I wish I could convey to people outside of West Virginia how this experience personifies what makes up Wild and Wonderful West Virginia – the natural beauty of the forested areas, the mountains, and the Godly values of the people.

Thank you, Marcella Rexrode, and Durbin, West Virginia, for a memory-making day.

Billie Sipes

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