Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

A big thank you to one of your local business owners, Rob Ramsey, owner of Eddie’s Service Center in Edray.

I was coming to Marlinton for my 60th class reunion and busted a brake line between Valley Head and Mace. I limped into Edray and stopped at Eddie’s Service Center to see if they could check on the damage.

Without hesitation, Rob put my vehicle on the lift, and said he could put a new brake line on for me.

I’m sure he had other work to do as his lot was full.

He went above and beyond to help a stranger in an emergency.

I later found out that his father, Don Ramsey, was an old friend of mine from years ago.

Glad I live in small town, rural West Virginia.

Rob’s business is aptly named “Service Center.”

Gib McGraw

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