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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

Events this week in Charlottesville and the failure of our president to promptly denounce the perpetrators of hate for what they are disturb me.

When I go home to our farm near Hillsboro and see Confederate flags start going up on a couple of buildings, that disturbs me.

Given the past history of the presence of haters in this county, I have to question what the motives are for hanging a flag whose meaning represents a fractious and terrible time in our country and a current symbol of fear and hatred for many.

We should not rewrite or forget history, but we also should not use history as an excuse for violence and hatred.

Hang your flag inside because it is a symbol of history.  Hang it outside, I am not quite sure what you are trying to tell me or who you are trying to attract.

Sharon Kearns
and Leesburg, Virginia

By the way, two great-grandfathers fought for the Confederacy, one rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest.  History.

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