Dear Editor:

In reference to the town’s approval of Bow Hunting/ Blind from 9/1 to 9/30 from back of the water works north. I live on Ninth Street and enjoy my front porch daily. It overlooks a lovely mea-dow-like area with trees, wild flowers and footpaths. It is bordered by Ninth Street and Knapps Creek. It is used frequently by pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers and children. It is in view of a nursing home and their walking path and is a quarter mile from an elementary school and two churches. I enjoy watching “critters” and listening to birds. Many deer also enjoy this area and even a lonely otter (after the flood). I am not against the culling of the deer herd population as it ensures health and survival. I even come from a family of avid hunters. My point is: why was this particular area chosen? There are so many others all over the town. I do not wish to witness any hunting blinds, death or woundings, etc., and I do not feel the nursing home residents would appreciate it. Additionally, where do they plan to field dress the animals? A very sad commentary for such a serious decision.

Patricia J. Vasquez


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