Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Now I’ve really had it. I am so upset.
Yesterday was a cool, moist, calm day, and I finally had the time to walk to the top of the ridge where this land borders land leased by a hunting club.
My mission was to hang more “posted” signs.
What a beautiful day to be in the woods, observing the birds and small wildlife, as I descended the ridge and meandered among the rock outcroppings.
Suddenly, I could hear a pack of dogs headed my way. They spilled over the ridge – a dozen dogs – all bone-thin, rib and hip bones jutting. Two of them all but ran into me as I braced myself against a tree.
This is very disturbing and completely ruined the mood of a fine walk here on our private land.
As I made my way home, I discovered I was surrounded by big piles of bear scat, in a refuge for a bear on this protected space, safe until a pack of dogs wearing tracking collars run through boundaries they should not cross.
How does one stop this abuse of privacy?
How does one protect the bear from this harassment?
These dog owners think they are so funny when they say, “I’ve tried to teach those dogs to read the ‘posted’ signs.’”
There is nothing funny about it.
Thank you,
Debbie Naester
Friars Hill

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