Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

RAD is not dead/ but needs CPR.

During the process of evaluating the Resort Area District petition put forward by Intrawest/Fortress, citizens raised significant concerns regarding its constitutionality and the economic and social impacts upon the citizens of the county.  Of major concern were the unknown “emergent consequences” of implementing the petition request without the benefit of “due diligence” by the Commission and the long term effects on county tax revenue that funds schools, libraries, healthcare, public safety and other important functions of county government.

My discussions with a representative of the State Attorney General indicate their office was not contacted during the drafting and legislative process nor sub- sequently by the county for comment.  This is especially germane concerning tax issues and constitutionality.

The representative expressed the A/G’s willingness to assist the county, without fee, in evaluating the impact of the RAD legislation as written and petitioned especially in matters of taxation and constitutionality.

Although the petition has prudently been deferred by the Commission, the legislation itself has not been determined to be seriously flawed and returned to the legislature or the Attorney General for refinement. I encourage the Board to take this action.

To this end, a draft legislative remedy that does support the creation of a RAD but addresses the structural defects in the current legislation has been provided to the Board.

To learn more please go to the forum on the County Commission’s webpage. But most importantly, no matter how you might see the issue, contact your Commissioner and let your voice be heard.

Hope this helps to start an open and inclusive process to the benefit of all citizens of the county.


Bill McHenry

Quantico, Virginia

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