Infrastructure and donations top MTC agenda

Jaynell Graham
Pocahontas County Libraries and Information Centers director Cree Lahti appeared before Marlinton Town Council at Monday night’s meeting to discuss the town’s annual donation to McClintic Library.

Lahti provided council with information about activities at McCintic, which included 19,390 total visits; 12,003 clients using circulation; computer usage of the library’s eight computers at 4,067; WiFi logins at 1,488; 359 library programs offered; as well as providing space for 362 meetings in the past year.

From 2012 to 2017, the Town of Marlinton contributed $1,500 each year to the library. In 2018, that donation was reduced to $500.

Councilmember Joe Smith clarified the original $1,500 amount, advising that it was for McClintic Library’s sprinkler system, a service for which the town charges a fee.

In the discussion, Recorder B. J. Gudmundson equated the donation to a subsidy, which she opposed.

Mayor Sam Felton said the town has several financial obligations on the table with its nearly completed Water Improvement Project and the upcoming DEP required improvement to its Wastewater System.

In the end, council voted four to two to maintain the donation level at $500. Councilmembers Chris Curry and Smith voted against the motion.

Council also approved a $500 donation to Allegheny Mountain Radio.

In his report to council, Felton advised that there were numerous issues at the water plant with the recent drop in temperatures. The intake remains a problem with high water creating “plugged” issues there.

Council voted to take steps to make whatever changes are necessary to improve the situation at the intake.

Felton said Orders Construction is still on schedule to complete the water plant building and equipment improvements by the end of the year. Reseeding and landscaping will take place in the spring.

Wastewater Plant Operator Sam Dunn reported that duckweed at the lagoons is dying off due to the recent frosts, but it will be back in the spring and will need to be treated then.

Council approved Resolution #39 in the amount of $156,783.75, with regard to the Water Improvement Project.

In response to its advertisement for bids for a consulting engineering firm, the first step in the Wastewater Improvement Project, Smith said the town received proposals from 10 firms. A committee will review the proposals and present recommendations to council.

Council heard a complaint from a resident about barking dogs on 10th Avenue during Public Input at the October meeting. As the matter was not on the agenda, no action was taken.

The matter was on Monday night’s agenda, but the resident was not present, so, again, no action was taken.

Councilmember Gail Hyer reported that work continues on creating the town’s new website as well as on the Rental Compliance and Permit ordinance.

Marlinton Town Council meets the first Monday of each month, holidays excluded, at 7 p.m. in council chambers on the second floor of the municipal building.

Access by elevator is available at the rear of the building.

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