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I Remember…

Saturday Night

Remember when Saturday night was a special night out?

Time for dates or groups getting together.

Movies, roller-skating, dances or dinners at fancy restaurants or just a burger at a local drive-in.
Remember the Chic-Inn?

Cars were packed in at the Chic-Inn, and music blared from inside the cars and there was lots of laughter.

Drive-in theaters were popular spots for Saturday night fun, too. Most are gone now, but many folks will remember those days.

This past Saturday, the seniors from Marlinton and Green Bank Senior Centers got together for a night out because – Elvis was coming to town!

Well, not the real Elvis.

But, we were entertained by an Elvis impersonator in flamboyant attire, who sang the songs that Elvis made popular.

We enjoyed his singing, and although no one can replace the voice of Elvis, this guy had the moves.

He played the crowd amidst hoots and hollers and lots of laughter.

He crooned to the women, draped his scarf around their necks, giving them hugs and light kisses on the forehead. One woman enjoyed a slow dance with him.

Lots of fun was had by all.

It was a great Saturday night out.

There were two door prizes that night – two CDs of Elvis’ songs.

I won’t say who won one of them, but we enjoyed listening to “Elvis” music on the way home.

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