I Remember…


I have been listening to Christmas music, and each song tells a story.

The story of Jesus’ birth. Peace on earth. Words and music that are soothing to the heart and soul.

Winter songs about snow, treetops glistening, snowmen and sleigh rides.

Joyful jingles about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells.

So many songs that make us smile and lift our spirits.

Were you ever kissed under the mistletoe?

There are so many Christmas traditions and there is always a lot of food, stories and laughter when families gather together.

I remember one special Christmas when my nephews, Doug and Tommy, received cowboy and Indian outfits – complete with toy guns and arrows.

That was before your time, Buck.

Then there was the year my sons, Jim and Sam, found wrapped gifts in the closet and tried to carefully open them so as not to be discovered.

I received so many gifts from my sons that they made in school or Sunday School. One such gift was from Sam – a wreath made out of green yarn. I still place it in a window each year.

Sam was sentimental. He gave me crystals that cast rainbows across the walls.

I do not need new gifts. The memories of the ones from the past will last a lifetime.

I received a locket from the Silver Creek crew the year Sam died. The locket held a photo of Sam and the message read, “Merry Christmas from Heaven.” I appreciate that gift from my “extended family.”

This year, I may retire my “Charlie Brown tree.” Sam used to laugh about that tree.

Over the years, we bought trees from tree lots and tree farms, and even cut down one in the forest. We had small ones and huge ones, and we loved to decorate them. You can’t beat the fragrance of a real tree, but I guess artificial ones are safer and there are no needles to clean up.

It takes time to decorate a tree when each ornament brings back a memory from the past. It’s good to pause and remember.

We each have special memories of Christmas.

I do not know what this Christmas will bring but I give thanks for the gift of Jesus.

I wish each of you a Merry Christmas.

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