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I Remember…

Veterans Day

Stand up and give honor to our brave men and women.

Regardless if battles were called wars or conflicts, they stood up for each of us.

They stood up for America.

So many endured pain of body and mind.

So many carry the scars from their service.

So little appreciation has been shown to many of them.

And little respect is shown for our beautiful flag.

– the flag that was carried into battle

– the flag that was raised on foreign soil

– the flag that covers the caskets of our Veterans

– the flag that is folded with respect and dignity and handed to a tearful loved one

I have one such flag.

I grew up in the era of World War II.

I experienced sirens screaming in the night and all lights off, pitched into complete darkness.

As a child, this was scary, but I also knew first-hand that we were being protected by the men and women dressed in uniform. We had seen them on the streets of Venice, California.

I remember the Korean Conflict.

My husband and many of my young friends served at that time.

Many conflicts have since taken place, and our soldiers continue to keep us safe, and honor our country.

The Vietnam War has brought sadness to my heart. Our returning servicemen and women were not shown the respect and love they deserved.

Shame on those who treated them in a disrespectful manner.

I wonder if those who burn our flag would ever serve in the military to protect this country that gives them the freedom to protest?

It is too painful to think about what Prisoners of War endured on our behalf.

Not all soldiers are on active duty, but every soldier must be prepared to go when and where he or she is needed.

They say Boot Camp is no picnic, but the drill sergeant has a job to do and that is to teach soldiers how to fight and how to come home alive.

There is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for another.

The least we can do is say “thank you.”

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