I Remember…


A trip to the store can be an adventure.

You don’t know what you will find or if you can find it.

They keep moving things!

It reminds me of a Scavenger Hunt.

Do you remember going on one of those?

Among the aisles of cans, jars, fruits and veggies, I find friends.

So often a voice and a face I have not connected with for a while appears. We briefly catch up and then go to “I Remember.”

Today, I briefly traveled down memory lane with two former co-workers. Thanks for the memories, Debbie and Mia.

There along the aisles, I make new friends. So often in searching for an item, I get assistance from a store employees.

Even strangers come to my aid.

Sometimes a brief thank you and you’re welcome.

Other times, there is an exchange of conversation.

Recently a young man named Dillon, from the Snowshoe area, assisted me.

It is nice to be shown respect, and for a young person to take time to talk to you, when so many are too busy on their phones to look around.

A shopping trip to Lewisburg with the Senior Center is also an adventure. It is nice to have time to visit, coming and going. But I must admit, I sometimes doze off on the way home.

Walmart provides an employee to help me shop – which is again like a Scavenger Hunt.

Like the little boy in the TV commercial, they work in different departments.

If they haven’t moved things, I can tell the employee where items were last month.

Our trips to Lewisburg always include lunch, and it’s hard to say where you will find us.

Seniors like to get out and socialize.

I may be older, but I’m not elderly.

For some reason, I’ve never liked the term “elderly.”

Live each day as an adventure.

Renew old friendships and make new ones.

Next time we meet, Dillon won’t be a stranger.

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