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I Remember…


Rx for health.

Good medicine for body and soul.

A feeling of joy, with a sound that might be a light and hardy giggle, chortle, guffaw or chuckle – we all have our distinct laugh. Just hearing someone else laugh often brings forth our own laughter.

Listening to old Bob Hope programs brought to mind different comedians from the past. We could hear them on the radio, watch them on TV or see them in movies or see them live, and on stage.

I can recall the names of comedians of the past, but I really cannot think of the name of any of the ones of today.

I really do not enjoy the humor style of comedians I’ve heard in recent years.

But let’s think back to some of our favorites:

The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, Jerry Lewis, Martha Ray, Carol Burnett, Bob Hope, and the team of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

I’ve only touched on a few; you can’t expect me to remember everything!

You could expand this list to include the ones you remember.

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were my favorites. Both of them could make me laugh, and I also enjoyed their singing.

Of course, I am partial to Bing Crosby as he was from Spokane, Washington. I liked him in spite of our different choices of college. He went to Gonzaga University.

During World War II, Bob Hope took his show to our troops overseas. He went to the barracks and to the foxholes of those who could not leave the battlefield.

For a brief time, the soldiers could escape the horror of war. Laughter was good medicine for them – both for body and soul.

Families, watching at home, often got a glimpse of their loved one viewed on the newsreels at the movies. We viewed those newsreels with hope – hoping to get just a glimpse, please, Lord.

It was an answered prayer when we saw my sister’s husband.

We are so blessed today.

May your day be filled with joy and laughter.

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