I Remember…

School Days

Remember way – or in my case – way, way back to the excitement of a new school year at the end of fun-filled summer.

Although we missed the freedom of carefree summer days, it was good to meet up with friends and to see our favorite teacher again.

It was even a plus to learn new things – the excitement of adventure through knowledge of far away places; history telling of our past; spelling, reading and arithmetic, and yes, penmanship.

When it came to spelling, my dad would say to sound out the words, break them into parts. If you do that, you can spell or read anything.

Well, that’s true, but I’ve noticed a lot of young people pecking and poking on their little phones, and they can’t spell worth a darn: “R for are; LOL for laugh out loud; U for you;” and on it goes. I guess it’s a modern version of shorthand.

Everyone can do arithmetic if they have that little machine.

What ever happened to writing down problems on paper, or doing the math in your head?

Dad could give you the answer before you could get it from that little machine.


Do they still teach it?

My dad’s handwriting was beautiful, even when he was in his late 80s. It was like a work of art.

My dad was a good student and excelled in his studies. His teacher demanded perfection, but he wasn’t my dad’s favorite teacher – he was his brother!

Playtime, or recess, found us on swings, merry-go-rounds, playing games or just running for a few minutes. We often went home with torn britches, skinned knees or a hole in our dress.

A tradition that has continued through the years is the “new school year prep time” – the excitement of getting new clothes and shoes.

The one I remember most was my first grade wardrobe.

My Aunt Allie was an excellent seamstress. She made 10 dresses for me from printed feed and flour sacks.

There was an array of colors and prints of flowers. I was the “best dressed girl” in school, and I also had a little red coat for cold weather.

And, of course, I remember getting brown and white saddle Oxfords – when they were the rage.

Do you have similar memories of your “school days?”

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