I Remember…

Grief, sorrow, pain

Regardless of age, grief, sorrow and pain come into our lives.

Grief – loss of a loved one.

Sorrow – bad choices, wrong turns in life.

Pain, both grief and sorrow cause us pain.

I’ve known them all.

I know my help comes from God, family and friends.

Let them all into your heart.

Alone, the grief, sorrow and pain can be unbearable.

At first, food, flowers and calls come, then, slowly, no one reaches out in most cases.

Thank God for friends who called, but did not appear the first few days.

Later and throughout the years, they call, bring gifts or take me to lunch.

I am so grateful for the “first responders” and the later friends.

Grief, sorrow and pain do not easily go away.

They stay with us, sometimes for a lifetime.

You do not have to bear it alone.

Let God, friends and family into your heart.


Alone, time presses heavily, the days endlessly long.

Storm clouds gather, darkness surrounds and engulfs.

A coldness that even the sun cannot touch.

Waiting, praying, full of questions without answers.

Oh, how well I know the feelings.

Oh, how well I remember the pain.

Oh, how well I know the struggles one endures.

Oh, how well I remember from whence my help cometh.

Alone, no longer, let your heart hear the words, spoken and unspoken of friends who care.

Listen with the heart, prayers are all around, surrounding you in this time of darkness.

The coldness banished by the warmth of love.

Alone, no longer, remember to reach out for the hand of the Lord.

He will never leave you nor forsake you.

His promises abound and overflow from the pages of His Word:

Ever present comforter.
Refuge in the storm.
Burden bearer.
Haven of rest.

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