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I Remember…


Merry Christmas.

Not Happy Holidays.

Please do not take Christ out of Christmas.

Christmas is a time of love and giving.

God’s gift of love – His son, Jesus.

Gifts throughout the years are treasured. It is the thought, not the price tag.

To this day I have gifts I received in the past. They bring me joy when I think of the giver.

During early childhood, we received apples, oranges and candy – peppermint canes and chocolate drops.

Until I outgrew baby dolls, I cherished my soft cuddly doll. The dolls of that day were not fancy dolls with name brands and high price tags.

The boys of my early years were into cowboy outfits and toy guns.

They pretended to shoot, but only at the bad guys.

Decorating and bringing in a tree at Christmastime was always fun.

We have traveled to tree lots that sold trees or cut down one in the woods. They varied from the perfect tree to the Charlie Brown variety.

Decorations consisted of strings of popcorn or rings of colorful construction paper. No candles, though. I’m not that old.

Now we have beautiful decorations and colorful lights. Ornaments often have great sentimental value, and hanging each one helps us remember its story and the giver.

Christmas is a time for greetings – cards, calls, connecting with others, many of whom we only write to or hear from once a year.

Christmas is a time for parties, family dinners and get togethers with friends.

It is a time for church plays and programs with special music and young children reciting verses or as actors, retelling the Christmas story. There is always lots of love and laughter.

Do not forget Santa Claus, he always makes an appearance to give out small gifts to excited children.

Many memories flood my soul and touch my heart.

Many changes have taken place over the years, but at Christmastime, I often slip back in time to remember the gifts and joys of the past.

May you enjoy your day.

God bless.

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