I Remember…


Snow is falling, large, lacy flakes.

How soon they cover the ground.

I remember back to the days of my youth – to winters past – now, quite a few.

These memories bring me comfort.

I remember making snow angels with my friend, Clara. I think this was more of a girl thing.

How many little boys were angels?

But, I do recall some of the things that boys did in the winter.

They loved snowball fights, and how they enjoyed hearing the girls squeal.

Occasionally we fought back – and then it was a different story.

We constructed snow forts. We were builders, and it kept us busy.

We slid down slippery hills on sleds.

We did not notice the cold until we reluctantly went inside when called.

Wet mittens and caps, cold fingers and toes. But there was always a toasty warm fire, hot chocolate with marshmallows and, often, fresh baked cookies.

School snow days?


And it was not until after I graduated that the school bus came by our house.

We walked to the main road. I did a half mile walk with snow up to my knees.

We were not allowed to wear long pants in school. We could wear them to get to school, but not in class. We had to wear dresses or skirts and blouses and sweaters to class.

The boys were lucky, and how we envied them!

Oh, and we must not forget the pleasure of snow ice cream.

A little bit of sugar, canned milk and vanilla added to a large bowl of pure white snow. It was delicious.

It was not until I was older that I became aware of the beauty of winter.

Snow flakes – each one unique.

Snow or ice like frosting on trees limbs or branches.

The sparkle and glitter as the sun shines on the snow.

Pale blue sky giving a background to the beauty below.

A brief brisk walk, breathing in the frosty air and the smell of wood fires burning.

God paints a canvas of beauty for us with each season.

Stop and enjoy each day.

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