Honor. Remember. Never forget.

Each year on Memorial Day Americans pause to remember the fallen and honor their sacrifice.

A Memorial Service, with Military Rites by the Pocahontas County Honor Corps, will be held Sunday, May 30, at 12:30 p.m. at Mountain View Cemetery and at Arbovale Cemetery at 2 p.m.

Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day

Service members, veterans and their families know there is a big difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. While Veterans Day, November 11, is a day set aside to celebrate all veterans, Memorial Day is a somber holiday dedicated to honor military fallen, with a special focus on those killed during military service or through enemy contact.

Both holidays often include parades, ceremonies and celebrations. Although Memorial Day also traditionally marks the beginning of summer with picnics and parties, many in the military community believe that at least a portion of it should be spent to mourn and honor the fallen.

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