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Habitat Volunteer of the Month

Habitat VarnerAlmost Heaven Habitat for Humanity seeks, in a Volunteer of the Month candidate, a person who consistently comes out to help on job sites and cheerfully undertakes any job that is asked of them. That is precisely how one would describe Harrison “Gene” Varner, the October 2013 Volunteer of the Month.

Gene began volunteering when he was asked to help during the Blitz Builds in Durbin last summer and he became hooked.

“It was great working with the blitz build groups,” Varner said.

He enjoyed being around the young people and had this observation to share: “It was impressive how much the kids wanted to work but the girls worked harder than the boys, and their manners were unbelievable!”

Although the groups are gone, Varner continues to come to the new home construction sites because two of the partner families are friends of his, and he wants to help them complete their homes. He also figures “it’s better than sitting at home with nothing to do.”

Varner’s greatest contribution to Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity is his willingness to go anywhere he’s sent to pick up materials. He is no stranger to traveling, having traveled worldwide before retiring as a Storekeeper First Class in 2005 after serving 20 years in the United States Navy. He served 12 years active military and eight years in the Reserves on various bases all over the United States and Italy.

Varner grew up in Durbin with his 16 brothers and sisters, and folks are glad he chose to return to the area. He is a tremendous asset to Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity whether he is holding a board, taking a measurement or traveling to pick up materials.

Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity appreciates his contribution to the community.

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