Through it all

HazeSS Bible 1sml and Silas Riley, of Hillsboro, accompanied their Grandpa Gibbs Kinderman on an adventure last week. With owner Zach Chittum’s permission, the three were gathering some bricks from the rubble of the Old Bank Building which they plan to have engraved as memorials to the history of the building.

That corner of Main Street has seen it all in the past few weeks – fire, snow, heavy rain and an excavator’s bucket. But one item survived it all.

As they were working Kinderman heard Hazel say, “Look at this, Grandpa.”

The “this” was a small Bible – four inches by six inches – which had been untouched by the November 10 fire.

“We were collecting bricks,” Hazel said, “and we walked around and found it on top.”

The Bible is now at The Pocahontas Times office, and hopefully someone will recognize it and reclaim it – for the words that are within, and the story that now surrounds it

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