September 16, 1965

Ground was broken Monday for a new Southern States store building next to the railroad above Richardson’s warehouse. Jack Brown is the contractor.
Rain came in abundance over the weekend. Z. S. Smith, Jr., has a rain gauge that showed 3.9 inches of rain Saturday and Sunday.

M.H.S. News
School opened the 26th of August and with that the election of officers for the various classes:
Senior Class: President, Watson Underwood; Vice-President, Lee Anderson; Secretary, Linda Reynolds; Treasurer, Peggy Beverage.
Junior Class: President, John Roy; Vice-President, George Meadows; Secretary, Lura June McElwee; Treasurer, Steve Jackson.
Sophomore Class: President, Cheryl Bailey; Vice-President, Raymond Miller; Secretary, Linda Moses; Treasurer, Brenda Shinaberry.
Freshman Class: President, Ronnie Tibbs; Vice President, Donnie McElwee; Secretary and Treasurer, Shelia Curry.
Eighth Grade Officers: President, Jo Debra Galford; Vice-President, Rose Ellen Waugh; Secretary and Treasurer, Yvonne Dunbrack; Reporter, Lillian Barb.
Seventh Grade: President, Nancy Bowen; Vice-President, Steve Weatherholt, Secretary and Treasurer, Tom Morrison; Reporters, Tommy McLaughlin, Tommy Rose and Mike Maddy.

Aerial Fertilization
Results of aerial fertilization are beginning to show this summer on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Beard at Hillsboro. The Beard farm was fertilized by airplane last spring during the Pocahontas County Aerial Fertilization program. Some 908 acres in the county were fertilized in the past two years bringing soil improvement for the first time to many acres that are too steep to be reached by truck…
The Beard family is one of Pocahontas County Farming for Better Living Programs being enrolled in the farm betterment program that is sponsored by Monongahela Power Company, the Cooperative Extension Service and civic and business leaders of Pocahontas County…
The Beard farming operation is a grassland enterprise, beef and sheep. Sherman took over management of the farm in 1951.

Seneca Lake
to be Reclaimed
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources personnel will reclaim Seneca Lake on September 21, 1965. This reclamation was deemed necessary when the lake was found to be infested with a stunted green sunfish population. The lake will be drained prior to the rotenone application to the watershed. Trout and largemouth bass will be restocked in the lake as soon as water conditions will permit. This will hold the loss of fishing time to a minimum.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tallman, of Durbin, a daughter, named Melanie Lynn.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Junior Blankenship, of Marlinton, a son, named Charles Eddie.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tyree, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Clarissa Lynn.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schoolcraft, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Debbie Kay.
Born to Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Carr, of Marlinton, a son.

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