August 26, 1965

Clarence L. Barlow, of Tenth Street, Marlinton, favored us with two super-size beefsteak tomatoes. One was six inches across and tipped the scales at a fraction over two pounds and the other was five inches across and weighed one and one-half pounds.
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William Akers brings the story of an unusual catch of his nephew, Allen E. Akers, of Geneva, New York. Trolling for trout in Cayuga Lake, his line caught on something 300 feet below on the bottom of the lake. Something broke loose and he pulled a ten pound catch to the surface, a corroded pebble containing thousands of tiny shelled creatures called brachipods. These tiny creatures were plentiful in an inland sea there, about 350 million years ago, and formed a fossil layer about 100 feet thick when the sea receded. A more recent age brought the glaciers, scooping out the lake basin and carrying the fossil rock into the lake bed. Part of the rock was in the mud and it remained unchanged. The upper part was corroded and partly dissolved by the water, making it ragged.

Cutlip – McCoy
The beautiful Presbyterian Church in Warm Springs, Bath County, Virginia, was the setting on Saturday afternoon, August 21, 1965, at two o’clock, for the double ring ceremony that united Miss Judith Ann McCoy, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. McCoy, of Beard, and Roland Gene Cutlip, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Cutlip, of Lobelia.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold VanReenen, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Pamela Sue.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pritt, of Hillsboro, a daughter, named Gertrude Ione.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Hannah, a daughter, named Sheila Annette.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grimes, Jr, of Clover Lick, a son, named Dennis Michael.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Wolfe, of Cass, a son, named Rickey Lee.

Mrs. Joanna Rasmus, 63, of Buffalo, New York, died in her sleep Thursday at the home of Mrs. Nell Young, where she was visiting. Her husband, Henry Rasmus, died while employed at the Mill Point Prison Camp.
Mrs. Grace Gum Herold, 72, of Wheeling, formerly of Minnehaha Springs and Durbin. Born in Highland County, a daughter of the late R. Lee and Ruby Williams Gum. Burial in the Monterey Cemetery in Monterey, Virginia.
Mrs. Lena Daugherty died on a train near Columbus, Ohio, Saturday night. She was enroute home from Detroit, Michigan, where she had been called by the death of her son, Carl Smith, about two weeks ago. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Mary Miller, 69, of Marlinton; a daughter of the late James and Martha Hannah Gibson. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Nettie Ray Drepperd, 86, of Frost; born in Lewis County, a daughter of the late Nelson and Matilda Paugh Lewis. Burial in Mountain View Cemetey.

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