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July 22, 1965

Within the past few weeks quite a few purebred and registered prospective Angus Herd Sires have been sold to Angus cattlemen throughout the area. One of these purchasers was Brown Campbell, of Dunmore, 2 bulls.
W. G. Merrells, owner of the Longview Angus Herd of Burlington, states these bulls are of high quality and will improve the calf crops of each of the cow herds they go to. In the future years, this should add to the production of better beef.

Buckskin Council
Herbert McClure, Scoutmaster of Troop 33, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Marlinton, announces that he and Grady Moore recently held a Board of Review and advanced boys as follows:
To Tenderfoot Rank: Randy Vanscoy, Terry Richardson, John Baxter and James Baxter.
Second Class Rank and Forestry Merit Badge: William Sparks, Jerry M. Stewart, Ronnie Evans, Frank Long, Larry McCune, Ronnie Peacock, Steve Viers, Dave and Douglas Wagner, Thomas Morrison, Thomas Miller, Thomas Rose and Howard Barb.
Star Scout Rank: Douglas Morrison and Herbert McClure, Jr.

Southern States
George E. Pastine and Tommy Campbell, of Marlinton, representatives of Southern States – Marlinton Cooperative have been awarded a certificate of merit upon completion of a correspondence course on feed. The course, which ran over a 10 month period, covered dairy, swine, beef and sheep feeds as specialty feeds. Also covered were pullet and commercial eggs production, turkey and broiler production, feed sales, tools, policies and the sales approach to use in selling Southern States feeds.

Adlai E. Stevenson
Adlai E. Stevenson, our eloquent voice in the United Nations, former Governor of Illinois, and twice Democratic presidential candidate, died of a heart attack in London, England, last Wednesday, July 14, 1965. J. H. Keen called to remind me that some of his ancestors settled in Pocahontas, according to some recordings he has, made by G. D. McNeill.
Stevenson’s middle name is Ewing and Knapps Creek was once called Ewing’s Creek.
James Ewing, born in Ireland of Scotch parents, came to Virginia as a boy. About 1772, the James Ewing family took up land here and settled on what is now McClintic land on Swago. In the early 1800s, they moved on to level lands beyond the Ohio. Bill Ewing remained behind.
Moses Moore bought land on Knapps Creek, then Ewing’s Creek, from a Mr. Ewing. Mr. McNeill says Moses Moore married Ewing’s daughter, but both his book and the Pocahontas History give his wife as being an Elliott.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James S. Brill, of Marlinton, triplet daughters, named Amy Lynn, Lee Ann and Julie Sue.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shifflett, of Marlinton, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wagner, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Sara Alice.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Grimes, of Dunmore, a daughter named Linda Marie.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sterl Irvine, of Marlinton, a son.

Mrs. Mattie Birdie Kirk, 88, of Hillsboro; service at Hillsboro Methodist Church.
William C. Hiner, of Mountain Grove, Virginia, a son of the late James Lee and Verdilia Meeks Hiner; a farmer and merchant for many years. Burial in the Mountain Grove Cemetery.
Henry and Edward “Boots” Astin were called to Wytheville, Virginia, by the death of their brother, Jim Astin.
Dr. and Mrs. Fred C. Allen were called to Charleston due to the death of his nephew, Fred Hill.
Mrs. Link Sirk Pierson, 85, of Charleston, aunt of Mrs. Robert Sharp, died Monday.

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