May 13, 1965

Did you ever see
a green dog?
We never had, either, until Frank Sharp, of Fairview, brought one in last week. There was a litter of four pups, half Chihuahua and half Manchester, and one was light tan, two white, and one light lime green. They were born Easter morning and it sounded like an Easter egg joke but he declared it was all above board. The color was most noticeable beside the white dog.

J. Z. Johnson is retiring this year as principal of Marlinton Graded School, after serving 35 years.
N. N. Whitman, 50, of Frametown, Braxton County, will be the new principal. He has a master’s degree from West Virginia University and principal certificate. He has been principal of Frametown Elementary School. He is married and is the father of two children, both students at the University.

Carolyn Ann Rimel, of Washington, D. C., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dice Rimel, and sisters, Patty and Hope, of Buckeye, over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barlow and son, Ricky, of Washington, D. C., spent the weekend here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Barlow, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Small.
Mrs. Layman Davis left Wednesday for a visit with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, and little son, in East Moline, Illinois.
Visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart over the weekend were his children, Eleanor and Mattie Stewart, of New York, Mr. and Mrs. George Wesley Stewart, of Orange, New Jersey, and Mrs. Joseph Hayes, of Los Angeles, California.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Hedrick, of Stony Bottom, a daughter, named Dorothy Lee.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ledford McCarty, of Frost, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William L. Howsare, of Huntersville, a daughter, named Anne Stanfield.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ricottilli, of Marlinton, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, of East Moline, Illinois, a son, named Matthew Franz.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vinoski, of Bartow, a son. The mother is the former Julia Cosgrove.

Mrs. Merle Moore McElwee, of Dunmore; a daughter of H. M. and Cora Jones Moore. A member and active worker of the Methodist Church. Burial in the Dunmore cemetery.
Mrs. Leora Shrader Rosencrance, 49, of Hyattsville, Maryland, formerly of Huntersville; a daughter of the late George H. and Leanna Shrader. Burial in the Bethel cemetery.
Mrs. Jessie Gould Smith, 73, of Salem, Oregon; born at Mill Point, a daughter of the late Georgiana and Harvey Boblett.
William Homer Hamrick, 74, of Point Mountain was found dead Sunday near Clifton Ford, where he had fallen over a cliff. He was a brother of Mrs. Dorothy Heavener, of Cass.

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