March 11, 1965
Brown Miller, of the Hill Country, was in last week to show us some apples. They were yellow or white sweet apples, with a pink side. The peculiar thing is that this same tree had been bearing a red delicious apple for 5 or 6 years. He wants to know if anyone knows of another case of this kind. Mr. Miller reported seeing 20 or 25 ravens fighting a gray eagle the first part of January while he was out cutting wood, something he had never seen before. He saw robins the third week in January.

Twelve students from French I class have been assigned pen pals from France with whom they will correspond. They are Peggy Beverage, Brenda Friel, Saundra Bowling, Judy Baxter, Harriet Goddin, Harriet Johnson, Karen Colburn, Linda Davis, Albert Smith, Helen Sue Dunbrack and Ruth Dunn.
The Juniors, rehearsing their play, The Barretts of Wimpole Street, are now using a dog. Elizabeth Barrett had a dog, Flush, and this dog is a character in the play. Sam Brill’s dog, Puppy, will play the part of Flush.
The MHS Band has purchased new dress uniforms for the majorettes complete with new fur shakos and all the trimming. They will be seen at the next public performance of the band.
“What is the Most Powerful Thing in This World?” The seniors gave their answers to this question by writing at home and expressing their opinions. Here are the results – Do you agree?
Atomic Weapons – 4 seniors; Books – 1; Communication – 1; Eyes – 1; Faith – 2; Fate – 1; Friendship – 1; God – 10; Health – 1; Hydrogen Bomb – 2; The Human Mind – 3; Love – 9; Money – 3; Nature – 2; Personality – 1; Religion – 1; Silence – 1; Sex – 1; War – 1; Word Power – 3; Fear – 1; Democracy –1; People –2; Beliefs –1; Language – 1.

Scientist to Leave
Dr. John W. Findlay, deputy director of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, has been named director of Cornell University’s Ionospheric Observatory at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. An electronics expert and a native of England, Dr. Findly has been at the Green Bank Observatory since 1957 when it was first started. Dr. Findlay designed the calibration antenna at Green Bank known as the “little big horn.” The observatory in Puerto Rico has the world’s largest dish type radio telescope, 1,000 feet in diameter, but it is fixed in position in the ground and not movable as the Green Bank telescopes.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Judson Howard, of Marlinton, a son, named Phillip Leland.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Helmick, of Frank, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. James A. Riley, of Arbovale, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hevener, of Cass, a son, named Roland Lee.

Robert Samuel Sheets, 71, of Green Bank; a son of the late George H. and Mary A. Gillispie Sheets. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Dennis Lynn Poage, 50, of Erie, Pennsylvania, formerly of Marlinton; a son of the late Henry Poage and Bessie Weiford Poage.
Mrs. Regina Wilson, of Elkins; widow of the late Joe Wilson.
Soloman Wade Arbogast, 76, of Valley Head; a son of the late Jefferson and Barbara Hinkle Arbogast. Burial in the Valley Head Cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Ula Preston Christian were burned to death February 27 when their three-room frame house was destroyed by fire at Simon.

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