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Thursday, March 4, 1965

Marlinton VFD
Officers for 1965 for the Marlinton Volunteer Fire Company:
Chief – Fred Burns, Jr.; Assistant Chief – Kenneth Faulknier; Captain – Kyle McCarty; First Lieutenant – Donald Rogers; Second Lieutenant – Tony Ricottilli; Sergeant-At-Arms – Reed Wilfong; President – Wayne Ware; Vice President – Dharl Dever; Secretary – W. E. Pierce; Treasurer – William Clendenen; Chaplain – Rev. W. E. Pierce; Executive Committee – Paul Gladwell and Douglas Dunbrack.

Dear Editor:
The article on water witching in the January issue is very interesting.
An ample supply of good water is very necessary for every farm and rural home. Any instrument that will help to locate this water will save money in the drilling costs. Many people who are experienced in using the divining rod in water witching are able to locate the running streams of water in the ground.
For many years I was of the opinion that water witching was mostly hocus-pocus. After making tests with the divining rod and after reading articles, I am of the opinion that it definitely is a method of locating underground moving streams of water…
A couple of years ago True magazine had an article that the divining rod had been used in Europe for many years to locate moving underground streams and deposits of minerals…
In an issue of the Reader’s Digest-1964, there was an article, “No Place for a Lady,” written by a young girl who with her father and mother went to Colorado during the Gold Rush. Her father was the only prospector who used the divining rod. He located a very large deposit of gold. He sold his claim to a large mining company, which installed modern machinery and equipment. Over the years, this mine produced over $12,000,000 in gold, all due to the tests of the diving rod…
Benjamin Franklin in his experiment with attaching a metal key to the string of a kite flown during a lightning storm proved that lightning was electricity. This electric charge is produced by the rain drops falling through the air. This charge could be either positive or negative When the charge is built up higher than normal the charge tries to neutralize itself and the discharge strikes a tree, house or pole, whichever is the near point to the ground.
I believe that this is the effect of a person holding a divining rod, the charge produced by the moving underground stream tries to pass through a person’s body, and to a larger area of ground, in order to balance or neutralize the charge produced by the charge procured in the stream of water.
E C. Birge

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cutlip, of Marlinton, twin sons, named Gary Wayne and Larry Allen.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hevener, of Cass, a son, named Loland Lee.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Doyle, of Alexandria, Virginia, a daughter, Muriel Jodene.
Born Mr. and Mrs. Sterle Edward McElwee, of Burnsville, a daughter, Martha Ann

Edward Chestnut, 73, of Mountain Grove, Virginia; burial in the family plot on Little Back Creek.
Mrs. Rella Gum Friel, age 79, born at Green Bank, the daughter of the late John Milton Gum and Rebecca Conrad Gum; lifetime member of the W.C.T.U. [Women’s Christian Temperance Union]. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Mrs. Stella Ann Bruffey, died at the home of her daughter at Forest ill, Maryland; burial in the Emmanuel Methodist Church Cemetery near Hillsboro.
Theodore Clinton Wymer, 36, of Dearborn,Michigan, formerly of Cass; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
French Newman Murray, of Woodbridge, Virginia, formerly of Mill Point; a son of and Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, of Mill Point, and the late Benjamin Earl Murray. Burial in the Sharp Cemetery.
Mrs. Bessie Bell Copenhaver Hammons, age 65, of Marlinton; a daughter of the late Charles and Almyra Workman Copenhaver. Burial in the Kee Cemetery.

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