February 11, 1965

Lewis Gay is home from the Clifton Forge Hospital where he was a patient last week. He is recuperating from some sprains and bruises received when some ensilage fell on him.
Allen Bennett was injured Monday when his car hit a truck near Sidney Goodwyn’s home on Seneca Trail. According to reports he swerved to miss some rocks and struck the truck, knocking it into Mr. Goodwyn’s parked car.
Jamie Abdella wrecked Monday near the county line on the Anthony’s Creek road, hitting a horse in the fog. He was brought to the hospital for x-rays but was released.

County Wild Turkey
Kill Up
by Wayne Bailey
Research Biologist, DNR
A total of 211 wild turkeys was reported harvested in Pocahontas County in 1964, an increase of about 40 percent over the 149 reported in 1963. The 1964 kill was the highest since 1959 when 315 were reported. The highest ever reported in the county was 320 in 1955.
Of 303 turkeys banded and released at the point of capture on the Rimel and Neola Game Management Areas in August and September 1964, 46 (15 percent) were reported killed by hunters. This does not include those killed which had been banded and released in previous years.

Questions about Welfare
Who are the people receiving Welfare Services in West Virginia?
In Pocahontas County, as of December 31, 1964, there was a total case load of 631, involving 917 persons, 482 of whom were children.
What are the principal factors that cause people to be dependent on Welfare?
Insufficient education and desertion are major factors which leave households unable to obtain basic living needs – food, clothing, housing and medical care. Other elements include old age and physical disability.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hise, of Dunmore, a daughter, named Duana Ellen.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Blake, of Clover Lick, a son, named David Allen.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pyles, of Seebert, a daughter, named Glenda Irene.
Born to Rev. and Mrs. Basil Price Sharp, of Kingsport, Tennessee, a daughter, named Heidi Elizabeth.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Cooper, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a daughter, named Pamela Traci.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Michael, of Mount Rainier, Maryland, a son, named David Lee.

Wardell Townsend, 57, of Arbovale; a veteran of World War II and a lifelong resident of Arbovale. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
William Arthur Lambert, 86, of Durbin; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Dency Eddie Sharp, 72, of Fairview, a son of the late William Ewings and Laura Ann Malcomb Sharp. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Lucy Sharp Kelley, 74, of Hitchins, Kentucky, a daughter of the late Issac and Miami Moore Sharp. Burial in Grayson, Kentucky.
Mrs. Florence D. Tibbs, 77, of Seebert; born at Mill Point, a daughter of the late Charles and Julia Lee. Funeral service at the Pleasant Green Church in Seebert.
Mrs. Florence Tibbs was a lifelong Christian lady whose dedication to her Church and to her Lord was unmovable. She was patient in times of stress, hopeful in times of disappointment, faithful when others were lax and loving where hostility was evident….She served as Church School Superintendent at Pleasant Green Methodist Church for 40 years. During this era in office, her influence spread throughout the community as she diligently trained the children and youth in the Christian Faith. Her teaching, like that of her Lord, was not by work only, but even more so by her deeds. She lived to see two of her Sunday School children enter the Christian ministry, namely Rev. Vernie Bolden, of New York City, and the Rev. Howard W. Hinson, of Washington, D.C.

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