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Thursday, December 10, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp



The bad weather the first days of the season discouraged most hunters and this second week of the season there seems to be practically no hunters. The count is approximately 300 deer.

Brill’s, Marlinton 45; Lilly’s, Hillsboro 15; McLaughlin’s Huntersville 70; Tennant’s, Frost 15; Mullenax Store, Bartow 50; Sheets Garage, Green Bank 62; Beverage Store, Dunmore 23; Seneca State Forest 6.

Lake Sipes killed a deer they thought had 14 points but the game warden counted them as only 9.

Pocahontas was sixth in the state last year with 376 killed out of a total of 7,573. The kill in 1962 was exactly the same, 376, with 299 killed in 1961.

Taylor Morrison and Jack Morrison, of Buckeye, each got a nine-point buck in the Buckleys last week.

Mrs. Wade (Helen) Sharp got an eight point deer Saturday and her son, Roger, 10, brought home a four point buck, both on Thorny Creek.

Ernest Pyles reported killing a seven pound, two ounce turkey the day before Thanksgiving above his home across the river from Seebert.

Mrs. Mamie Higgins received a letter from her son, R. V. Geiger, who has retired from the Navy and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He and his son, Raymond, Jr., were among the lucky deer hunters this year in Florida. He killed a seven point buck weighing 143 pounds, and his son a 3 point buck weighing 80 pounds; both were in good shape. Gene bagged a turkey and some nice squirrels and got a shot at a wild hog. Mr. Geiger writes game is plentiful in Florida but wishes he could spend a few days in West Virginia in deer season.


Brownsburg News

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stewart and children, of Charlestown, spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Stewart.

Mrs. Lock Boggs and children, of Warren, Ohio, spent the weekend with Mrs. J. C. Boggs.

Miss Marie Goodwyn, a student of Hampton Institute, Virginia, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Goodwyn.

Mrs. Gloria Boggs, of Plainfield,New Jersey, spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Boggs and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boggs.

Mrs. Lena Daugherty, Mrs. Belle Jackson, Mrs. Eddie Washington and Mrs. Mary E. Evans attended the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Jackson at Hot Springs, Virginia, last Sunday.

Miss Inez Boggs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Boggs, returned home Sunday.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beverage, of Marlinton, a son,named Marvin Gray, Jr.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stanley, of Marlinton, a son.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Zatta, of Washington Pennsylvania, twins, a son and a daughter. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John King, of Arbovale.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Robert Mills, of Lorton, Virginia, a daughter, named Tamara Jeanne. The mother is the former Miss Alice Underwood.



Mrs. Elizabeth Ellen Hume, 81, of Charleston, formerly of Pocahontas County.

Mr. and Mrs. David Lacy received word Friday evening of the death of Mr. Lac’s uncle in Cleveland, Ohio, and they went to Washington and on to Cleveland by plane for the funeral on Sunday. From thee they will go to San Francisco, California, by plane on a vacation trip. They will return to Minnehaha Springs abut December 15.



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