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October 15, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


The Department of Natural Resources announces that a ten-year-old study of the wild turkey in Eastern Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties has been completed. On October 1, the last mortar-thrown nets were fired, capturing five turkeys. This made a total of 303 birds captured and released at point of capture this summer and fall. During the ten years, 1,683 were banded and released at point of capture. Actually about 2,000 were captured because many were caught more than once. A complete report on the study will be published


Boy Scouts

Explorer Post Number 33

Officers elected:

President – Bobby Michael

Vice President – Jimmy Dilley

Secretary and Treasurer – Milton Simmons

Quartermaster – Gene Simmons

Chaplain – Butch Dixon

Reporter – Kenneth Nottingham

Any boy with a good reputation between the age of 14 to 18 years, who would like to become an explorer scout may contact any of the above officers or our advisor, Clem Simmons.

Kenneth Nottingham



From Williamsburg

The Copperheads earned quite a victory over our Frankford team last week; and we offer no excuses. Our boys gave their best and fought all the way. For this we are just as proud of them as you must be of your fighting team.

To me, as a parent, it was most gratifying to see two well coached, well trained, and clean fighting teams leave the field like real sportsmen with warm friendship dominating the scene. The courtesies of your spectators was likewise observed with no small admiration. I think it’s rather obvious that both schools must have some pretty solid leadership.

Are not these other qualities the ones which our sports programs are really striving for?

From the comments heard from our players, there is no question but that they strongly send their Marlinton neighbors their warmest regards and best wishes for a championship year to a great team.

It looks to me like you won a victory far in excess of what the score indicates.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Aldridge


Brownsburg News

The Brownsburg Choir rendered a musical program Sunday afternoon at Thornwood Methodist Church. They were accompanied by Mrs. Willie Ann Boggs. Mrs. Bedford Sinaberry, Mrs. Arlie Shinaberry, Mrs. Arnold Shinaberry, Homer Stewart and Timothy Tershia Stewart.

Mrs. Bell Jackson accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Steptoe Washington to their home at Culpepper, Virginia, for Homecoming September 20

Mrs. Steptoe Washington visited her adopted son, Rev. Howard Henderson, in Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Boggs and three sons, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , spent last weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Boggs.


Engagement Announced

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gladwell, of Buckeye, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Carla, to James Clyde Totten, son of Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Totten, of Buckeye.

Miss Gladwell is a graduate of Marlinton High School and is now attending The Charleston Beauty Academy.

Her fiancé, an alumnus of Hillsboro High School, attended Glenville State College, and is now employed by the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company in Marlinton.

No wedding date has been set.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crews, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Raye Lynette.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Morrison, of Buckeye, a son.

Born to Lieutenant and Mrs. Don M. Ervine, of Athens, Georgia, a daughter, named Sandra Wetherby.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Myers, of Craigsville, a daughter, named  Sonya Ella. The mother is the former Charlotte Workman.



Price Letcher Swink, 76, of Cass, of a heart attack while working. Burial in the Wanless Cemetery on Back Mountain near Cass.




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