Thursday, October 1, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp



Eugene Kelley, of Clover Lick, was on his way home from Green Bank with his son on Friday night, September 18, and saw a Panther just as sure as anything. They were meeting another truck and slowed down, for the road was not very wide. The truck was on the other side of a rise in the road and its lights shone above the road. The animal jumped up the bank, and did not quite make it. He could see the animal’s tail, (he measured 20 to 24 inches up on the upper part of his arm), and it had a big head and big body. His son at first thought it must be a wildcat but Mr. Kelley said he had killed lots of wildcats and this was not just a wildcat.



Carlon Chestnut is a patient in a Canton, Ohio, hospital with a fractured hip and broken ribs received in the automobile accident in which Willard Kelley was killed.

Bill Perry and Donald E. Smith, of Elkins, had a wreck on the Rimel road Sunday night as they were returning to Fort Eustis, Virginia. Smith was thrown from the car, which went out of control on a curve, and suffered a cut on his head and other injuries. Perry was not injured.


Pearl Buck Home

Last Sunday, Tom Edgar and his wife, Betsy, traveled to Roanoke, Virginia, to be on the Glen Howell Show at 7:30 in the evening.

The reason for this TV appearance was to try to advertise the drive which is in progress to purchase the birthplace of Pearl Buck, located in Hillsboro.



One of our cheerleaders, Carolyn Sharp, has pinched a nerve in her back while cheering at a game and has been unable to lead the cheers for a couple of weeks.

Our band went to the Majorette Festival Saturday. Three of our majorettes, Helen Sue Dunbrack, Ruth Lynn Dunn and Eileen Kelley, were in the ten semi-finalists.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Cubbage, of Shenandoah, Virginia, a son, named Jeffrey Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, of Union Level, Virginia, twin daughters.



Mrs. Betty Jean Meeks Cutlip, 33, of Clover Lick; a daughter of Mrs. Edith Thomas Meeks, of Clover Lick, and the late Kemp Meeks. A member of Alexander Memorial Presbyterian Church. Survived by three children at home; burial in the Stony Bottom Cemetery.

Mrs. Laura May Skaggs, 84, of Marlinton; a daughter of the late Hamlet H. and Florinda Piatt White. Mrs. Skaggs died on her 67th wedding anniversary. Burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Edna E. Clend3nen, 49, died at Bethesda Naval Hospital; born at Watoga, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gladwell. Interment in Arlington National Cemetery.

Alexandra (Zan) Campbell, of Akron, Ohio, formerly of Dunmore.

Amos Willard Kelley, 46, of Kent, Ohio, died in an automobile accident. Born at Frost, a son of the late Amos and Minnie McCarty Kelley. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Bessie Ellen Shrader, 72, of Cass, had lived in Pocahontas County her entire life. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Ellzey Jack Workman, 70, of Huntersville; burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.


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