Thursday, September 3, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


Recently the question was raised as to the difference between poison oak and poison ivy. As far as I can find out, poison oak is found in the western states. There is a so called eastern poison oak which is really poison ivy, which in reality is not a true ivy but belongs to the sumac family. Both the ivy and oak have three lobed leaves. The poison sumac has the regular sumac leaves. All of them are supposed to contain the same irritating substance which causes various degrees of reaction in different people.



The contagion of politics is gradually increased through the summer to reach the climax at election time and the Democratic Convention last week via television, did its work. The Johnson-Humphrey ticket is a strong one. The last night of the convention was an enthusiastic spur for the fall campaign but also impressive and moving in its memorial, with deep full pride in the ideals and accomplishments of John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Sam Rayburn.



Mrs. Norman Alderman and sons, Norman and Keith, of Huntersville, returned home Sunday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson and sons, Wayne, Sammy and David, and Mr. and Mrs. Mason Anderson, at Beaver. While there they toured Little Beaver Park, Beckley, Blue Jay and Maxwell Hill, and spent an afternoon picnicking and exploring the natural tunnels and hiked to Turkey Spur Lookout in Grandview State Park. On Friday they attended a Christian Church dinner at Table-rock 4-H camp and that night attended the Dry Hill Prosperity Fair, where former Governor Underwood made an address and watched the horse shows and fireworks. On Saturday they spent the day at Anderson’s trailer at Hinton, where the children went fishing and swimming and that night they went to see “Honey in the Rock.”



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward McLaughlin, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Robin Lea.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Lee Jordan, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Nancy Louise.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shinaberry, of Clover Lick, a son, named Arnold Grant, Jr.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Friel, of Alexandria, Virginia, a daughter, named Kimberly Lynn.



Mrs. Maude Rejena Moyers, 77, of Arbovale; a member of the Presbyterian Church at Hightown, Virginia; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Mrs. Edna Moore Dunsmore, 82, of Sinks Grove; born at Elk, the daughter of the late Jacob and Maria Gay Moore; burial in the Green Hill Cemetery at Union.

Rufus Click, 75, of Frank; member of the Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church at Marlinton; burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Thomas Wilson Maddy 74, of Daniels; a son of the late Thadeus and Harriet Wiseman Maddy; burial in the Tilden Cemetery.


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