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Thursday, January 7, 1971

Elmer Wymer, of Hillsboro, reports seeing a flock of about 40 wild geese last Monday over Bruffey Creek going south. They were late going, but evidently knew the big snow storm of Thursday was on it way.

Sixteen inches was the minimum of snow last Thursday.

– – –

Mrs. David Gwin had a big surprise during the holidays. She received a letter from her husband written and mailed while he was working in Baltimore, Maryland. It was postmarked February 15, 8 p.m., 1943, and carried a 3 cent stamp. Arrived and postmarked December 21, 1970, p.m., Mar- linton, and carried a 6 cent stamp, 27 years later.

The envelope did not have any other stamping showing that it had been missent to any other post office. The envelope is yellow and shows its age. The address on the envelope is typewritten and real plain so there is not any question as to the address being readable. All I can say is that someone must have cleaned house.

Lighting Contest

The winners of the Lighting Contest for 1970 were: first place, Bill Bob Meadows; second place, Ralph Buckley; third place, Dr. Mallow.

Special Mention: Fred Burns, Jr., Bill Harper, James Michael, Jack Smith, Nola Rose, Denzil Totten, Tony Ricottilli, Carl Gladwell and Tom Dunbrack.


Dr. John R. Wilson, of Lewisburg, recently completed his veterinary hospital, located on U. S. 219 North at Echols Acres… The one story hospital, Greenbrier Veterinary Hospital, is constructed of handmade colonial bricks which were chosen to carry out the colonial theme of the building. The hospital is well planned with the most modern equipment…

Statewide Drug Forum

Pocahontas County was one of the 55 counties which participated in the Governor’s Statewide Drug Forum December 17….

In answer to the question, “Is there a drug abuse problem in Pocahontas county?” It was learned that there has been some experimentation among high school students, a larger problem with young adults who have left the area and returned, and some addicts among the adult population.

Sources of supply are the home medicine cabinet, young adults returning to the community and at least one case of marijuana being grown in the county…

The group was in favor of state laws which will enable courts to distinguish between drug pushers and users who need to be prosecuted, and those users who need counseling and therapeutic assistance…


Mrs. Anna Lou Orndorff, of Green Bank, is announcing the engagement of her daughter, Rosella, to Ronald L. Wooddell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wooddell, of Bartow…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. David H. McCall, of Marlinton, a son, named David Tennie.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter McClure, of Hillsboro, a son, named Stacy Lee McClure.


William Harvey Blankenship, 90, of Beard, a son of the late Ellis and Eliga Roberts Blankenship. Burial in Mountain Gates Cemetery at Renick.

William Henry Alderman, 65, of Huntersville; a son of the late Esco and Addie Dean Alderman. Burial in the Beaver Creek Cemetery.

Lanty J. Sharp, 68, of Marlinton, a son of the late Warwick and Mary C. Sharp. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Michael Forrest Underwood, 87, of Huntersville, a son of the late Michael Wallace and Agnes Sharp Underwood. Burial in Beaver Creek Cemetery.

Mrs. Mable Phillips, 54, of Marlinton, a daughter of George and Lucy Hoover. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mary Ann Hannah, 22, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, a daughter of Mrs. Fervin Dumire Hannah and the late James C. Hannah. Burial in the Gibson Cemetery.

Ida Kiner Dulaney, 61; born at Woodrow, a daughter of Ed and Martha Kiner. Burial in Cochran Cemetery.

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