Thursday, December 10, 1970

Basketball fans are in for a delightful treat and exciting evening when the Pocahontas County High School Faculty men’s team meets Moore’s All American Red Heads girl’s basketball team. The Red Heads, originally organized in 1936, have thrilled thousands of sports fans over the years with their skilled basketball wizardry and laugh provoking antics and acts. The girls only play men’s team, by regulation men’s rules, and in 203 games last season, won 169 of them.

The Red Heads are the Queens of big time basketball and the undisputed world champion women’s basketball team.

The faculty team will consist of Fred Smith, Elmer Friel, Jim Marsh, Dave McLaughlin, Arch Wooddell, Ken Vance, Harold Crist, Walter Helmick, Lloyd Swartz, and Bill Young, with A. S. Hill as Coach and Charles Moore as Manager.

Cheering the local boys on to victory (we hope) will be Rita Rose, Anna Lee Dean, Virginia Shafer and Brenda McLaughlin…


Interest in zoning is running high in Pocahontas County and this is good. This ordinance is not a finished product, but it is in the process of being fitted to the needs of Pocahontas.

It is always risky trying to describe or explain things such as this because we don’t claim to know all there is to know and also after it’s printed, we think of things omitted or that should have been expressed differently.

A good crowd attended last Wednesday’s meeting…

Ample time will be taken over the next month or two to hear all people and consider corrections and changes before it is presented to the County Court. There is certainly no desire to rush things…

A few comments:

This proposed ordinance is land USE plan, not a building code. Only the area of buildings and the area of space around them is considered…

There are no restrictions on mobile homes in the County plan except that they be on a lot that is the same as for a dwelling, or they can be closer together in planned trailer courts.

No panel trucks, bus bodies, or the like would be permitted…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jarrell L. Clifton, of Elkins, a daughter, named Selina Yvonne.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Dean, of Marlinton, a son, named Timothy Wayne.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Murray, of Hillsboro, a son, named Curtis Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Alderman, of Huntersville, a son, named Burlin Bedford.


Wheeler C. Pritt, 90, of Droop; burial in the Sunset Cemetery at Jacox.

Mrs. Clara Hedrick, 80, of Bartow; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

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